Doctors Cave Beach Club

Doctors cave beach in Montego Bay is one of the best beaches in Montego Bay.

It is conveniently located along Gloucester Avenue or the Hip Strip in Montego Bay. The beach is centrally located and there are quite a few food places and shops nearby.

This is the quintessential Jamaican Beach. It is not very large, it is around 600 feet long. The beach tends to get very crowded during public holidays and cruise ship days.

You can always have a look across the harbour to check if a cruise ship is in port. The water is crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling. There are also two water trampolines in the water.

There are a series of coconut trees and almond trees to the back of the beach on the right-hand side where you can set up shop. This is near the bar and restaurant. It’s a great place to chill and watch the planes come in.

Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent. There is also a glass bottom boat nearby that offers tours. You can also rent snorkelling, kayaking or water scooter equipment.

There are also a few catamaran cruises that can take you out into the harbour. The most well- known company is Dreamer Catamaran.

There is also a small volleyball court on the right-hand side of the beach next to the coconut trees.

History of Doctors Cave Beach Jamaica

Doctors Cave beach was founded in 1906. The clear blue water is known for its mineral content and gorgeous white sand beach. The beach originally got its name because it was used by a Dr. McCatty and a few of his friends from the medical profession.

At the time they entered the beach through a cave. Hence the name Doctors Cave Beach. The cave was destroyed in a hurricane in 1932.

Prices for Doctors Cave Beach Club

Admission – $6US ($3US for children)
Chairs , Umbrellas, Beach Chairs, Snorkelling Gear and Lilo (Floating devices) – $6US for the day

If you are paying in Jamaican the price is $600 Jamaican. If you have Jamaican dollars the exchange rate is in your favour.

Tips for going to Doctors Cave Beach Jamaica

  • Avoid cruise ship days. The beach can get very crowded.
  • If you plan to bring your own snorkelling equipment don’t let them see it when you go in. They want you to rent from them so they will tell you it’s not allowed.
  • Same for drinks or food. You are not allowed to bring your own. If you do plan to bring drinks or food don’t let them see you with it when you enter
  • Drinks tend to be a bit pricey. There is a supermarket across the street where you can get drinks at half the price.
  • If you don’t want to eat at the restaurant here are a few other restaurants nearby : Biggs (just next door), Pelican Restaurant (around 100 meters up Gloucester Avenue), Margaritaville (around 100 meters up Gloucester Avenue)
  • Pay in local currency. The prices will be more favourable.

Contact Information

Tel: 876-952-2566
Website: Doctors Cave Bathing Club

Opening Hours

Monday – Sunday : 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

Restaurant and Bar Information

Doctors Cave Beach has a restaurant and bar on premises. A few items on the menu are appetizers such as seasoned wings and island sliders.

A few of the main dish items are an assortment of Burgers, Caribbean Crab, The Jamaican Jerk Platter, Curry Goat, Island Fish, Fried Chicken and of course Grilled Lobster. The price for main dishes ranges from around US $10 – US $30.

Smoothie Bar Menu at Doctors Cave Beach Club

There is also a smoothie bar at Doctors Cave. Enjoy unique flavours such as Mango Jack Cruise (Jackfruit and Mangoes), or Tropical Explosion (Papaya, Banana, and Pineapples)

Entertainment at Night

Doctors Caves also has a “We are Reggae concerts” that feature some well known Jamaican musicians. A few of the musicians that have performed are Capleton, Luciano, Etana and others. The entrance fee is Jamaican $2,000 pre-sold and $2,500 at the gate. You can phone Doctors Cave for details.

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