Dunns River Falls

Dunns River falls is definitely the most popular waterfall in Jamaica and possibly the most popular tourist attraction in Jamaica.

Other than its natural beauty the main reason for its popularity is probably because it is so close to Ocho Rios and the cruise ship pier.


On most days expect to see a human chain of people climbing the falls. The best time to visit is early morning before the crowd arrive or late afternoon. These falls are breathtakingly beautiful and if you are a first time visitor to Jamaica a visit is suggested.

Dunns River Falls is made up of a series of limestone cascades that are not too steep so it allows them to be easily climbed. The falls run under the main road to Ocho Rios and exit on a small white sand beach below.

If you arrive via one of the Dunns River Catamaran cruises this is where you will begin your climb. The bottom part of the falls is called the tornado.

Your climb starts here and proceeds around 600 feet. If you are feeling lazy you can walk along a walkway that runs right along the falls. This is a great spot for taking photographs of the falls You don’t have to start at the bottom.

In the middle of the falls there is an opening where you can start climbing the falls. This area is called the whirlpool climb and you enter right where the Banyan tree is located.

This entrance is about halfway up the falls. Most of the scenic parts of the falls begin here. So if you want you can join the climb here and still take in the best part of the waterfalls.

Dunns River Falls is a bit of a tourist trap. Its crowded and expect to see the requisite store before you can exit the attraction.

There are three other waterfall attractions in Ocho Rios that have a more natural setting. Keep in mind they are not as dramatic as Dunns River Falls but they are worth a visit.

Just down the road is Turtle River Falls, Konoko Falls and Shaw Park Falls. If you feel like taking a day trip, go to YS Falls and Mayfield Falls (4 hours from Ocho Rios).


Water shoes (so you don’t have to rent them)


Dunns River Falls Prices
Adult – US$20.00 per person
Child – US$12.00 per person

Dunns River Falls Opening Hours
Monday – Sunday, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

Distance from Main Tourist regions to Dunns River Falls

  • 5 km from Ocho Rios
  • 110 km from Montego Bay
  • 90 km from Kingston
  • 110 km from Port Antonio
  • 116 km from Mandeville
  • 116 km from Negril


Dunns River Falls is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jamaica. Since the waterfalls are located around five minutes from the town of Ocho Rios it is easy to combine it with other tours. Below you will find a few popular Dunns River Falls Excursions:

Bobsled Jamaica and Dunns River Falls: You can go Bobsledding at Mystic Mountain which is located around two minutes from Dunns River Falls.

Dolphin Cove and Dunns River Falls: For convenience Dolphin Cove offers a fee shuttle bus that will take you to Dunns River Falls.

Blue Hole and Dunns River Falls: Most people suggest you visit one or the other. If you are limited for time we suggest you go to the Blue Hole. However, if you can don’t choose one or the other go to both places.

Dunns River Falls Catamaran Tour: There is a small beach at the bottom of Dunns River Falls. You can take a catamaran cruise along the coastline of Ocho Rios, go snorkelling and then climb Dunns River Falls from the Dunns River Falls Beach.

Dunns River Falls and Green Grotto Caves: Green Grotto Caves is located around 35 minutes from Ocho Rios. This tour provides you with the opportunity to learn about the history of Jamaica and Caves in general. You can then top off your day by visiting Dunns River Falls.

Dunns River Falls and Shopping Tour: There are a number of duty free and souvenir stores in the town of Ocho Rios. Why not visit Dunns River them stop by Ocho Rios to buy some souvenirs for loved ones.

River Tubing and Dunns River Falls: Ocho Rios has some of the most diverse tourist attractions in Jamaica all in close proximity to each other. Why not climb Dunns River in the morning and then go tubing on the beautiful White River in the afternoon.

Ziplining and Dunns River Falls: Mystic Mountain is right beside Dunns River Falls. You can easily combine a ziplining tour and visit Dunns River. If you are feeling adventurous and prefer a more exciting zipline experience you can visit Heavens Scent for a really unique zipline experience.

Turtle River Falls and Dunns River Falls: Climbing Dunns River Falls is usually on the bucket list of most tourists. However, there are quite a few other waterfalls in Ocho Rios that are just as scenic. They might not be as big as Dunns River Falls but are spectacular in their own way. A waterfall attraction that readily comes to mind is Turtle River Falls. It is around 5 minutes from Dunns River Falls.


  • Waterfalls such as Dunns River Falls are described as a living phenomenon because they are continuously rebuilsby the sediments in Spring Water.
  • Dunns River Falls is one of the few Travertine waterfalls in the world that empties directly into the ocean.
  • Dunns River Falls is said to be the location of the battle of “Las Chorreras”. This was the battle that transferred ownership of the island from the Spanish to the British in 1657.
  • Dunns River Falls was featured in the James Bond Film “Dr. No”. One of the first James Bond films by Ian Fleming.


Dunns River Falls is located around 5 minutes from Ocho Rios. The following resorts are located around 5-10 minutes away from Dunns River Falls:

  •  Jewels Dunns River Falls
  • Moon Palace Resorts
  • Riu Resort
  • Sandals Ochi
  • Jamaica Inn
  • Mystic Ridge Resort
  • Rooms on the Beach

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