Jamaica Tourist Attractions

Jamaica tourist attractions are very diverse. For such a small island, Jamaica packs quite a punch when you are trying to decide what Jamaican attractions to visit.

If you want adventure, Jamaica has it. If you want to lay on a beach and do absolutely nothing, Jamaica has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

If you decide to go out and explore the island there are a diverse range of tourist attractions to choose from.

Jamaica offers a wide cross section of tourist attractions. For example, we have culinary tours, swimming with the dolphin tours, zipline tours, caving expeditions, bird watching tours and more.

There are numerous tourist attractions in Jamaica. Our customers frequently ask us “what is there to do in Jamaica.”

With such a diverse list of Jamaican attractions, it’s hard for us to say, it really depends on what you want to do, so we have compiled a list of places to visit in Jamaica sorted by region.

Hopefully, we have saved you a few hours surfing the internet. We feel we have listed some of the best excursions in Jamaica here.

Things to do in Runaway Bay Jamaica, Ocho Rios and Discovery Bay

Runaway Bay, Ocho Rios and Discovery Bay

Ocho Rios is one of the main tourist capitals in Jamaica and has a wide variety of tourist attractions in close proximity to each other. If you are staying in Runaway Bay and Discovery Bay these tourist attractions are nearby.

Dolphin Cove

Is swimming with the Dolphins on your bucket list? Dolphin cove allows you to interact and swim with dolphins in their natural environment. We offer two for one specials for the Dolphin Swim, Dolphin Encounter and the Ultimate Dolphin Swim program.


The main waterfalls in Ocho Rios are Dunns River falls, actually it is the main tourist attraction in Ocho Rios.

There are three other waterfalls that are worth visiting. Konoko Falls offers not only the prerequisite waterfalls but also a petting garden and a zoo. Turtle River Falls consists of a series of breathtaking waterfalls.

Turtle River falls also offers a botanical garden tour and an opportunity to view their aviary. Shaw Park Gardens and Falls is also located in the heart of Ocho Rios. Be ready to experience breathtaking views of Ocho Rios

White River Tubing

The White River is located on the border of St. Ann and St. Mary. Tube down the White River and enjoy the scenic views.

Blue Hole

One of Ocho Rios most popular tourist attractions is located up in the hills of St. Ann. The Blue Hole Jamaica is rated by tripadvisor as the number one attraction in Ocho Rios.

Horse Back Riding

There are three main tour companies that offer horseback riding by the sea. These three companies are Hooves, Chukka tours and Braco tours.


There are not many public beaches in Ocho Rios. Most of the better beaches have been cordoned off by the all-inclusive hotels. Reggae Beach, Mamee Bay beach (at Bamboo Blu) and Mahogany and James Bond Beach are available.

Our favourite beach is the Mammee Bay Beach by Bamboo Blu. The only catch is you have to order something from the restaurant to get access to the beach.

One of the most breathtaking beaches not only in Ocho Rios but in Jamaica is laughing waters. At the moment, the only way to get there is by sea. If you are in Discovery Bay you can visit Sharkies beach.

Jamaica Submarine Company

This tour is a relatively new tour to the Jamaican landscape. It offers a unique and exhilarating tour of the marine life in Jamaica.

Prospect Outback Adventures

Prospect has a diverse number of tourist attractions all in one place. They have a Segway tour, cooking tour, camel riding tour, horseback riding tour, mud buggy tour and a plantation tour.

Green Grotto Caves

Green Grotto is located in Runaway Bay around 30 minutes from Ocho Rios. Experience a 45-minute tour that descends to an underground lake.

Learn about the history of the caves and their importance to the earliest inhabitants. If you want a more robust caving experience Rockspring Caves in the Cockpit country is your best bet.


Imagine riding downhill in the picturesque Blue Mountains and enjoying stops along the way where you can enjoy the waterfalls and the beautiful scenery. Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours can make this dream come true.

Zip lining

There are three main zip lining tours in Ocho Rios. The main one is Mystic Mountain which also offers Bobsledding.

Heavens Scent is located in a more rustic scene in Jamaica and has breathtaking views of St. Anns Bay. Chukka Cove zip line is located in Cranbrook forest.

Mystic Mountain

Mystic mountain is one of the top three tourist attractions in Ocho Rios. Enjoy a bobsled, sky explorer and canopy zip line.

Catamaran Cruises

There are a number of catamaran cruises that take you to Dunns River. Cool Runnings, Chukka, and Island Routes all offer Catamaran cruises

Cooking Tours

Stush in the Bush offers a farm to table food tour. Woolery Kitchens is a cultural dining club for locals and tourists while Prospect Outback adventure offers cooking classes.

Nine Mile

Journey through the Jamaican countryside and visit the home of Bob Marley, king of reggae.

Plantation Tours

Seville Heritage Park is technically not a typical plantation tour and it’s a shame more visitors don’t visit. Seville Heritage Park is a natural history museum.

Take a step back in time to explore the very beginning of Jamaica’s history and culture. Sun Valley Plantation in St. Mary takes you on an educational stroll on a working plantation. Learn about the various native crops in Jamaica.


Purchase some Jamaican art as a souvenir for your loved ones. A few good spots to try are Wassi Art, Harmony Hall, and the Craft village

Day Passes

If you are staying in a villa or coming in on a cruise ship why not get a day pass and enjoy an all-inclusive for the day. A few options are Jewels Dunns River, Jewels Runaway Bay, and the Riu Hotel

Things to do In Falmouth

Things to do in Falmouth

Falmouth is one of the main cruise ship piers. If you are arriving via a cruise ship here are a few things that should be on your itinerary.

Jamaica Swamp Safari

A trip to Jamaica Swamp Safari will put you in touch with the wonders of nature. Jamaica Swamp Safari is home to the endangered American Crocodile and the Jamaican Boa Constrictor.

Cockpit Country Tours

Cockpit country is located in the center of the island. It is a great spot for such Eco tours as caving, birding, and hiking. You can book Cockpit Country Tours Here.

Luminous Lagoon

Luminous Lagoon is one of Jamaica’s most interesting natural phenomena. The lagoon is home to millions of dinoflagellates. During the night, the lagoon glows and sparkles when disturbed. These organisms produce a glow.

Martha Brae River Rafting

Enjoy rafting on the picturesque Martha Brae river.


The Falmouth area has some of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. Silver Sands Beach is located in the gated community of Silver Sands. Burwood Beach is a public beach located nearby.

Hampden Estate

Hampden Estate is located around 30 minutes from the cruise ship pier. On the Hampden Rum Tour, you will learn about the rum making process and taste their Rum Fire and Hampden Gold Rums.

Braco Adventure Tours

Braco Tours offers a number of attractions. You have horseback riding, Hike and bike tours, River boarding and Kayaking.

Jamaica Tourist Attractions – Montego Bay

Jamaica Tourist Attractions - Montego Bay Jamaica

Montego Bay is the most popular tourist area in Jamaica and has the largest percentage of hotels in Jamaica. We are frequently asked what is there to do in Montego Bay, what are some great things to see and do in Montego Bay.

Greenwood Great house

Greenwood Great House is the perfect place to enjoy panoramic views of the Jamaican coastline . Greenwood Great house is considered one of the most authentic great house tours.

Greenwood Great house is the recipient of the Musgrave medal for excellence in heritage preservation.

Rosehall Great house

The Rosehall Great House tour focuses on the tale of the White Witch of Rosehall Annie Palmer, the past mistress of the great house.

Half Moon Equestrian Center

Half Moon Equestrian Center is located on the Half Moon Hotel property. You can take horseback riding lessons. Horseback riding in the ocean is also available.

Bellfield Great house

Is located on the outskirts of Montego Bay on a 10-acre property. Bellfield great house is located on one of the oldest sugar plantations in Jamaica.

Snuba Dive Experience

Snuba is a combination of Scuba diving and Snorkeling. You have an air tube attached to you that allows you to go around 20 feet underwater.

The beauty of it is you feel like you are scuba diving but you don’t need to take the certification course.

Doctors Cave Beach

Is the quintessential beach and one of the best in Montego Bay. The water is said to be fed by a nearby mineral spring.

Dreamer Catamarans

Dreamer Catamaran offers sailing cruises around the harbour of Montego Bay. Dreamer Catamarans also offers Catamaran cruises from Montego Bay to Negril.

Night Life

Margaritaville and Pier 1 are two places you can visit if you are looking for some nightlife. Pier 1 is the place to be on a Friday night.

Rastafari Indigenous Village

Situated in the Montego River Gardens is the Rastafari Indigenous Village which presents an authentic showcase about the ‘livity’ of Rastafari in Jamaica.


Montego Bay has some of the best golf courses in Jamaica. White Witch, Cinnamon Hill, and Half-moon golf courses are adjacent to each other.

Tryall golf course is located around 15 minutes from Montego Bay. It is a bit pricier than the first three but well worth a visit.

Good Hope Plantation

Good Hope Plantation is located around 30 minutes from Montego Bay. You can tour the great house. You also have access to a Caribbean village, an aviary, swimming pool and kiddies play area.

Zip lining

There are two companies that offer zip lining in Montego Bay; Chukka tours and Jamaica Zip line.

Chukka offers zip lining at the Rosehall great house so you can probably go zip lining and then go on the Rose hall great house tour.

The other zip lining company is by Jamaica zip lines in Lethe. You can go rafting on the Great River nearby.

Croydon Plantation Tour

Visit the interior of Jamaica and experience a working pineapple and coffee plantation. You will have the opportunity to sample local fruits and lunch is included.

Ahhh…Ras Natango Garden Tour and Art Gallery

If there is one tour you decide to do in Montego Bay we recommend this one. This tour offers you the opportunity to see a piece of Jamaica that few tourists do.

You can experience a garden tour, bird watching and then visit their art gallery to buy gifts.

The first time I visited I felt like I was visiting old friends, I guarantee you will feel the same way. There is free transportation for guests staying at hotels in central Montego Bay.

Ahhh…Ras Natango is rated by TripAdvisor as one of the best attractions in Montego Bay.

Jamaica Tourist attractions in Negril

Negril Attractions

Dolphin Cove Lucea (Negril)

If you don’t want to go all the way to Ocho Rios you can visit the Dolphin Cove location in Lucea. Get two for one discounts with the Jamaica Travel Saver card for the Dolphin Swim, Dolphin Encounter and the Ultimate Dolphin Swim program.

Animal Farm

At Animal farm you can experience bird watching, petting zoo, children’s playground, butterfly garden tour, rainforest nature trails, and medicinal herb garden on this six-acre farm. The latest addition is a walk in aviary.

Half moon beach

Half moon beach allows you to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy your own private beach. Bamboo rafting, Nature trails, private boat excursions, sunset cruise, kayaking, and more available.

Barneys hummingbird garden

Barneys Hummingbird garden is a located in a lane on the west end of Negril. This house garden allows you to learn and interact with hummingbirds and other exotic birds in a beautiful tropical setting.

One Love Pub crawl

A great way to see Jamaica beyond the beach. Get off the beaten track and explore with this Party Bus. Visit a series of Jamaican bars and mix with the locals.

You can contact Lenbert Williams at [email protected] to make a reservation

Mayfield Falls

The drive to the Mayfield falls is worth the trip. You will find few tourists here and it’s a great way to see a side of Jamaica that few tourists do. You get to see some of the beautiful Jamaican countryside on your way there.

Kool Runnings Water Park

This water park is located right in the middle of Negril near the Times Square shopping center. Enjoy Kayaking, Go Kart racing, Outdoor laser combat, rafting and Paintball adventure.

Rhode Hall Plantation

This attraction is around 20 minutes from Negril. You can go horseback riding; Cave tours and Kayaking available.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Jump from the cliff or climb down the ladder into this natural blue hole. There are a pool and restaurant nearby.

Zimbali Mountain Cooking Studio

Zimbali food tour is a farm to table food tour. Journey up into the hills of Westmoreland and experience a different side of Jamaica. Lunch and Dinner options are available.

Jamaica Tourist Attractions on the South Coast

Things to do in Jamaica on the South Coast

Lovers Leap

Enjoy breathtakingly cliffside views of the southern coast of Jamaica. Lovers leap is a sheer 1700 ft. cliff. Legend has it that instead of being separated two slaves decided to jump to their death. Hence, the name Lovers Leap.

Black River Safari

Enjoy a river safari up one of the largest navigable rivers in Jamaica. This tour is a nature lover’s paradise. There are over a 100 species of birds that make this area their home.

The Black River is also the home of endangered crocodiles. There is also a wide variety of freshwater fish.

YS Falls

This seven tiered waterfall is one of the most beautiful in Jamaica. There are seven waterfalls which cascade into natural pools. Other features available are zip lining, tropical gardens, and a natural spring swimming pool.

Appleton rum tours

Appleton is one of Jamaica’s premier brand of rums. The Appleton factory is located in the picturesque Nassau valley on Jamaica’s south coast.

This tour will take you on a journey through time where you will learn how one of the finest rums in the world is made.

Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant

Little Ochie, located in Alligator Pond is one of the most popular seafood restaurants on the south coast of Jamaica. A good time to visit is during the Little Ochi seafood Carnival in July.

Accompong Village

Accompong Village is the home of the Trelawny maroons, who are descendants of runaway slaves. The best time to visit is in January when they have the Accompong Maroon festival where you can experience typical maroon dance and music.

Floyds Pelican Bar

Pelican bar is one of the few bars in the world in the middle of the sea. It’s located on a sandbar about 1 ½ kilometres off shore. Spend your time there snorkelling or eating fresh seafood.

Places to Visit in Jamaica – Kingston

Places to visit in Jamaica - Kingston

Even though Kingston is the capital of Jamaica it gets few tourists. However, with the opening of the new highway from Kingston to Ocho Rios, which has reduced the travel time between these two cities to approximately 50 minutes, we expect Kingston to have an increase in tourists.

Kingston has a high percentage of tourist spots in Jamaica. Most of these tourist attractions focus on the cultural aspect of Jamaica.

Jamaican Music

If you are a fan of Jamaican music there are three attractions you should visit. The first one is the Bob Marley Museum. This museum was once the home of Bob Marley.

The second stop on your list should be the tour of Tuff Gong recording studio. You can learn about how the discs were made in Bob Marley’s time and you can also purchase Vinyl records.

Our third stop would be Trench Town Culture yard. Trench town cultural yard is an architectural and cultural museum. If you plan to visit Kingston on a weekend an insider’s tip is to visit the Kingston Dub Club on a Sunday night.

Jamaican Culture

Jamaica is known worldwide for its music and culture. A few notable mentions are the National Art Gallery. The National Gallery is the best place to visit for a concise overview of Jamaican art.

Devon house is the main great house in Kingston, once the home of the first Black Millionaire. There are some souvenir, food shops and restaurants nearby.

The National Dance theatre is Jamaica’s premier dance theatre. The dance season is from July – August. Jamaica has a vibrant history of theatre. The Little theatre is a good place to experience a Jamaican play or pantomime.


Founded in 1518 Port Royal was the center of shipping commerce in the Caribbean and known as the richest and wickedest city in the Caribbean.

It was also known as a Pirates paradise. Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake in 1692 that left 60% of Port Royal underwater.

A few attractions to visit in Port Royal are Fort Charles, The Museum and the Giddy House. Other attractions in Port Royal are the St. Peters Church and the Old Naval Hospital.


There are a number of places to eat in Kingston and we wouldn’t have enough space to list all of them so we are going to list a few of our favourites. If you are looking for good seafood go to Gloria’s in Port Royal or to Hellshire Beach.

A few of our favourite hangouts in Kingston are Regency Bar or Cru for happy hour on a Friday, Jo Jo’s for jerk and ribs, Cru for deli food, wine and sandwiches and Tastee and Sugar and Spice for Jamaican Patties and pastries.

Coffee Tours

Blue Mountain Coffee is known as one of the best coffees in the world. If you are in Kingston a trip to the Blue Mountains is a must.

Not only will you have breath-taking views of Kingston but you can learn a bit about how coffee is processed. The two companies that offer coffee tours are Craigton Estate (876-929-8490) and Mavis Bank.

Craigton estate is located on the New Castle side of the Blue Mountains. If you take this tour you can visit Strawberry Hill, New Castle army camp, and Holywell Park.

The Mavis bank coffee factory is located in a valley. There is not much nearby. However, if you plan to climb the Blue Mountains and are using Whitfield Hall as your base, Mavis Bank would be a better option.


The three main beaches in Kingston are Lime Cay, Hellshire, and Fort Clarence beach. Lime Cay is the nicer beach of the three; however, you have to take a boat to get there.

Hellshire and Fort Clarence are located in the Portmore area of Kingston.


The Hope Gardens Zoo is located right in Kingston. Holywell National Park is around 40 minutes from Kingston; however, they offer camping and hiking.

If you would like to climb the Blue Mountains Whitfield Hall is your best option. Whitfield Hall can also provide you with information about Bird watching and other Hiking trails.


If you are looking for Jamaican souvenirs some of the best places to go are Craft Cottage, Sun Island or the stores in the Devon House Courtyard.

If you want to do general shopping your best bet would be the stores at the Constant Spring Plaza.


I bet you didn’t think you could go surfing in Jamaica! Jamnesia located around 30 minutes from Kingston in Eight Miles Bull Bay is Jamaica’s first and only surf camp.


There are two Golf courses in Kingston: The Constant Spring golf course which is closer to most hotels in Jamaica and the Caymanas Golf course which is around half hour from Kingston.

Getting around Kingston

Jamaica has a number of transportation options. You can utilize route taxis (be prepared to share with other people), Take a bus, Call a taxi company or use a JUTA Driver.

Places to see in Jamaica – Port Antonio and St. Thomas

Places to see in Jamaica - Port Antonio and St. Thomas

Port Antonio and its environs are one of the easiest parts of Jamaica to fall in love with. It is lush, green and natural. Don’t expect to see many tourists or all-inclusive hotels.


There are a number of waterfalls in this part of Jamaica. There is Reggae Falls in Seaforth in St. Thomas. These falls are the remnants of an old dam on the Morant River. Sommerset Falls and Reach Falls are located in Port Antonio.

If you are feeling adventurous you can visit Nanny Falls which is 40 minutes from Port Antonio near Moore Town in the Rio Grande Valley.


There are four main beaches in Port Antonio. Boston Beach is right beside the Boston Jerk Center and is a good spot for Surfing. Winnifred beach has an authentic feel to it and is popular among locals. Additionally, it is one of the only free beaches in Port Antonio.

Frenchman’s Cove is one of the nicest beaches in Jamaica. There is a small cove with a river that leads into the ocean. Long Bay is another beautiful beach; however, because of the currents it is not recommended for swimming.


Take a scenic, relaxing raft along the Rio Grande River. These rafts were originally used to transport banana from the plantations in the interior to the coast. Now they are one of the main tourist attractions in Port Antonio.

Nature Tours

There are a number of nature tours in Port Antonio. The Blue Lagoon is Jamaica’s largest underground spring fed lagoon. Bath Hot Springs located in St. Thomas provide a rejuvenating experience. You can also go bird watching, Caving, or Hiking.


Visit Charles town in the Rio Grande Valley and learn about the Maroons. The Maroons were runaway slaves who established their own settlements in the Blue Mountains.

The Maroons were the first group of black slaves to get their freedom and to officially have their freedom recognized. You can go swimming in the nearby river, Hiking or you can visit the Maroon museum.


Port Antonio has numerous dive sites. The dive sites fan out to the east from the Errol Flynn Marina to Winnifred beach. The water is calm and a constant 80 degrees.

Visibility is normally 70 feet plus. Lady G’Diver is the main diving operation in Port Antonio. They are based at the Errol Flynn Marina.


You can go downhill biking in the Blue Mountains with Blue Mountain Bicycle Tours. The company office is located in Ocho Rios but they can arrange to pick you up in Buff Bay.

Places to Eat

If you are looking for a few places to eat you definitely should try the Boston Jerk Centre. Port Antonio is the home of our Jerk cuisine.

You can also try Bikini beach bar and grill in the Errol Flynn Marina. For a breath-taking view, a good spot for lunch is the Cliff Hanger Restaurant.

If you feel like splurging Mikes Supper in the Trident Hotel is a good option. They have a live jazz band on Saturday nights.

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