Rockspring Caves, Trelawny, Jamaica

The tour takes you into one of the caves in the cockpit country. This is the real deal, expect to get muddy and you will be wading through underground rivers.
Underground River
Underground River in the Cave
The journey takes you into the wide cavern of a fascinating network of underworld stalactites and stalagmites. My favourite part of the tour was when I visited the meditation room. It’s the first time in a really long time that I have heard total silence. I didn’t know this but apparently there is always a slight ringing in your ears. I came away from this tour with a wealth of knowledge and exhilarated from my caving adventure. This tour is a community tourism project so the funds generated from the attraction help the surrounding community.

How to Get There

Rockspring Caves is located in the Cockpit country in the heart of Jamaica. I travelled on the southern coast of Jamaica to get there. I was coming from Kingston which is the capital of Jamaica. Here are a few directions. Go along the highway to Mandeville and turn at Williamsfield and keep on going up into the hills. You will pass the town of Christiana. Further up the hill is Albert Town, Trelawny, the heart of cockpit country. The drive alone was worth it. If you are coming from the north coast you would turn at Duncans.  From Duncans go south to Clarks Town, from Clarks Town go 5 miles east to Jackson Town, from Jackson Town go to Albert Town. If you want to see some of the most beautiful places in Jamaica take the trip. I am usually a beach person but the cockpit country is one of the most beautiful places in Jamaica. I tried driving slowly so I could take in the views. If you want to do an attraction that takes you off the beaten path this attraction is ideal.


#3 Grants Office Complex Albert Town Trelawny

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

More Information

Telephone – (876) 610-0818 Website – Cockpit Country Tours Email – [email protected]


Travel Time 50 minutes from Falmouth 2 hours from Kingston 2 hours from Ocho Rios 1 1/2 hours from Montego Bay Tour Duration – Approximately 3 hours
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