Things to do in Kingston

Are you visiting Kingston on business or have you decided to visit the capital city for the day and you are trying to figure out “what to do in Kingston Jamaica”.  We have compiled a list of the best things to do in Kingston Jamaica below:

Our list of the Top 10 Things to do in Kingston Jamaica

Salute the King of Reggae Music

Bob Marley Museum – Jamaica is the home of reggae and no trip to Kingston would be complete without visiting the Bob Marley Museum.  The former home of Bob Marley is one of the main Kingston Jamaica attractions.

Visit the former house of Jamaica’s first Black Millionaire

Devon House if one of the best preserved greathouses in Kingston and one of the main tourist attractions in Kingston Jamaica.  Experience luxury in a bygone era.

At the end of your visit don’t forget   to visit the bakery and the Jamaican ice cream shop in the adjoining courtyard.  Devon House is one of the most popular attractions in Kingston Jamaica.

Visit the city of Pirates

Port Royal Jamaica – This sleepy town on the outskirts of Kingston was once known as the wickedest city of the Caribbean until it was destroyed by an earthquate in 1692.

A definite must see is the giddy house.  This partially submerged building earned its nickname because of the giddy feeling visitors have when trying to stand upright on the sloping floor.

Visit Hope Garden Zoo and Hope Botaical Gardens, an oasis in the middle

Visit the Hope Zoo and the adjoining 200 acre park and gardens.  The hope gardens were established in 1873

Little island paradise off the coast of Jamaica

Lime Cay is a favourite beach for locals and should be on your list of places to go in Kingston.  Take a 15 minute boat ride and  spend the day on this low lying cay.

Get some authentic Jamaican Food and Chill out on the Beach

Fort Clarence and Hellshire  are two of the most popular Kingston Jamaica beaches.    They are not the prettiest beaches in Jamaica but what they lack in looks they make up for in character.  Enjoy some escoveitch fish, bammy and festival in a rustic surroundings.

Try the best coffee in the world

Did you know Jamaica has some of the best coffee in the world?  Why not try some of our famous Blue Mountain Coffee and tour a working coffee plantation in the Blue Mountains.

Climb the highest peak in Jamaica

When you visit Jamaica you will see a mountain range in the backdrop of the city. These are the Blue Mountains.  The  highest mountain range in Jamaica.  Experience the natural wonders of Jamaica.  It is said that on a clear day you can see the coast of Cuba.

Be at one with nature

One of the wonderful things about Kingston is that in the space of one hour  you can go from the beaches to the mountains.   Hollywell Park and Cinchona Gardens are around 40 minutes from Kingston.  These two attractions offer great sightseeing in Jamaica.  There are a number of hiking trails where you can visit secret waterfalls and go bird watching.

Did you know Kingston is the cultural capital of Jamaica?

Kingston offers a number of experiences for visitors who want to experience Jamaican culture.  The national art gallery is a great place to experience a wide genre of Jamaican art.  The National Dance theature, Jamaica’s leading dance theatre offers performances in July and August.  To get an indepth view of Jamaican culture experiencing a Jamaican play is a must.

Activities in Kingston Jamaica

Independence Day Celebrations

One of the best times to visit Jamaica is during  our independence day celebrations from August 1st – August 6th .   The highlight is the grand gala celebration.  The tickets are free but they go quickly.

Jamaica Carnival

Is another event that should not be missed.   There are a series of parties and musical concerts connected with Jamaica carnival which is usually held in March and April.  A few highlights are the Beach Jouvert, The Road March and the Friday night Jamaica Carnival performances.

Cricket Matches

If you are a cricket aficionado or simply curious about the game of cricket.  You definitely should check out a match at Sabina Park.

Places to visit in Kingston Jamaica at Night

  • Terra Nova  and Cru Bar – Are two of the most popular after work night spots.  These two places are especially popular on a Friday night.  Terra Nova  transitions to a party atmosphere after 10;00 pm.
  • Uncorked Friday night – This wine bar and bistro is a great place to relax in the evenings after work.
  • Susies  Mojito Mondays –  Is a great place to relax on a Monday night and enjoy the dance vibe.
  • Sunday, Kingston Dub Poetry night – Jacks Hill

Best Restaurants in Kingston Jamaica (Cheap and Expensive places, a few of our favourites)

Here is a list of a few of our favourite places to eat in Jamaica:

Terra Nova – Offers upscale dining in a beautiful surrounding.  It is also one of the best places to go for after work drinks and Sunday brunch.

JoJos- Has a very laid back and casual vibe.

Spanish Court – Offers upscale dining in a beautiful surrounding.

Strawberry Hill –  Is one of the best places to go for Sunday brunch.  If you plan to go for dinner get there just before sunset.  You will experience beautiful views of Kingston and Kingston harbour.

Scotchies – This is one of the best places to go for Jerk at reasonable prices.  It is popular amongst visitors and locals.

Tastee Patties –  You cannot come to Kingston and not experience one of our main fast foods.  Tastee has some of the best patties in Kingston Jamaica.

EITS – Is located in the Blue Mountains around 40 minutes from Kingston.  It is a great place to go for Sunday brunch.

CPJ deli –   Is located in the CPJ complex.  They offer reasonably priced sandwiches, pizza, soups and pastries.  You can also get a glass of wine at a reasonable price.    Free wifi is available.

Café Blue –  Is one of the best coffee bars in Kingston Jamaica.  You can purchase authentic blue mountain coffee, pastries, sandwiches and more.  Free wifi is available.

Best Place to Get Free Wifi in Kingston Jamaica

  • Café Blue, Soveriegn Plaza, Hope Road
  • Cannonball Café 20-24 Barbados Avenue, Shop 3 Manor Park Plaza, Shop 5, Loshuan Plaza, 29 East Kings House Road, ,  Shop 3, Manor Park Plaza
  • Jamaica Pegasus – 81 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5
  • CPJ Deli – Lady Musgrave Road
  • Rituals Café – Shop 5, Village Plaza, Constant Spring

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