Best Time to Visit Jamaica

We are frequently asked when is the best time to visit Jamaica? Fortunately, we don’t have traditional seasons in Jamaica, it is generally sunny.

The climate is tropical with high temperatures on the coast and slightly cooler less humid temperatures in the highlands.

The average temperature in Jamaica varies from around 75F – 88F. When it does rain it is usually only for brief periods.

The north-eastern part of the island which encompasses Portland tends to get a lot of rainfall; however, the beauty of the parish makes up for the additional rain.

Our answer, therefore, would be it always a good time to visit! However, if you really want to know the best time to visit Jamaica maybe the information below will help.

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When is the Best time to travel to Jamaica

Are you trying to figure out when to visit Jamaica? The best time to go to Jamaica is during the high season in Jamaica, which is from December to April.

This is the peak tourist season and is considered by most people the best time of the year to visit Jamaica.

One of the reasons for this is it is not considered the rainy season in Jamaica. So you can expect many days of sunshine. The low season is from May – October.

This also coincides with the rainy season in Jamaica. The cheapest time to go to Jamaica is during these months. It is during this time period that you will find the best discounts.

Some people say the best month to visit Jamaica is in December. If you plan to travel to Jamaica in December around Christmas time be prepared to book months ahead.

There is not much of a spring break crowd in Jamaica; however, you might want to consider this when booking in March. The best months to visit Jamaica are from late November to April.

Jamaica Rainy Season

Jamaica experiences the most rain in the months of May, June, October and November. Keep in mind that when it rains in Jamaica it might rain for an hour or so and then the sun emerges.

Jamaica on a whole gets around 78 inches of rain per a year.

If you are visiting the town of the Port Antonio or anywhere on the east coast expect to see more rain. Actually, this part of the island receives the most rainfall.

The south western part of Jamaica, which includes Treasure Beach and Mandeville receives little rain, even during the rainy season.

When is Hurricane Season In Jamaica?

Jamaica’s hurricane seasons begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th. The peak time of our hurricane season is late August to early September.

The majority of hurricanes in Jamaica have been during these time periods; however, there have been few direct hits by a hurricane.

In Jamaica, a few of the all-inclusive hotels offer a hurricane guarantee. So if a hurricane should strike during your stay you can get another holiday free of cost.

Visitors to Jamaica will also find that hotels are heavily discounted during this time period. You will find that late August, September and October is the cheapest time to go to Jamaica.

What is the weather like in Jamaica? The average annual temperature in Jamaica

The temperature in Jamaica does not fluctuate much. On average there is a 10F difference in temperature. The coolest months are December, January, and February. The temperature starts increasing in March and peaks in July.

Jamaica Weather in December

Jamaica in December: December is the height of the tourist season in Jamaica. The average temperature is around 78F (26C).

You will also experience what we Jamaicans call “Christmas breeze”. You can expect little rain during this month. If you are staying in the hills it can get a bit chilly so remember to bring a jacket.

Jamaica Weather in November

Jamaica in November: November marks the end of the hurricane season in Jamaica. With that being said it’s very rare to have a hurricane in November.

November is also the end of the rainy season. By around mid-November you will find that the rains have eased up and you will start to experience the beautiful Jamaican Christmas breeze.

The average temperature is around 79F (26C).

Jamaica Weather in October

Jamaica in October: October is one of the wettest months in Jamaica. The good thing about rainy days in Jamaica is they don’t last for very long. The average temperature is around 81F (27C).

Jamaica Weather in September

Jamaica in September: September would be considered autumn in most places. Not in Jamaica. This is the rainy season and also the peak of the hurricane season.

Jamaica has been lucky, however; we have not had a direct hit from a hurricane for a few years. The average temperature is around 82 F (28C)

Jamaica Weather in August

Jamaica in August: August is one of the hottest months in Jamaica. You will welcome the cool breeze in the afternoons. The average temperature is around 83F (29C).

Jamaica Weather in July

Jamaica in July: July is the hottest month in Jamaica and those beaches and pools nearby are going to provide a welcome respite. Any rain you experience will be welcome opportunity to cool down.

The average temperature is around 83F (29C). The temperature can go as high as 91F (33C).

Jamaica Weather in June

Jamaica in June: The temperature starts heating up for the first month of summer. Expect some precipitation since you are still in the rainy season. The average temperature is 82F (28C).

Jamaica Weather in May

Jamaica in May: May is the beginning of the rainy season in Jamaica. Humidity can be a problem this time of year. Especially after heavy rains. The average temperature is 80F (27C).

Jamaica Weather in April

Jamaica in April: You are still in the tourist season. You can expect pleasant temperatures this time of year. It’s also Easter in Jamaica so you can expect a lot of events centered around this.

Easter is carnival time in Jamaica. The average temperature is 78F (26C).

Jamaica Weather in March

Jamaica in March: If you arrive in Jamaica in March you are in the dry period. Expect little precipitation. The average temperature is around 78F (26C).

Jamaica Weather in February

Jamaica in February: You are in the peak of the tourist season in Jamaica. This is one of the best times to visit Jamaica.

The weather is pleasant, not too hot and humid, it’s perfect. The average temperature is 76F (25C).

Jamaica Weather in January

Jamaica in January: January enjoys cooler weather than other months in Jamaica. An average temperature of 75F (25C) makes getting around Jamaica much easier.

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