YS Falls Jamaica

YS falls Jamaica is one of the most beautiful waterfalls attractions in Jamaica. This waterfall attraction is located in the parish of St. Elizabeth in the southern part of Jamaica.

The waterfalls are located on a working cattle and horse farm.

When you initially enter the attraction you will be transported by a tractor to the waterfalls. The scenery on the way is lush and breath-taking.

YS Falls Jamaica is a majestic seven tiered water fall. The highest waterfall is around 40 feet high.


Most of these waterfalls have its own natural swimming pool. There are swings that you can use to swing into the water. The waterfalls are surrounded by lush gardens.

Information about the YS River

The YS River emerges from limestone caves and springs high above the Breadnut Hills. From there, the river flows 30 kilometres dropping through the seven waterfalls that make up the YS Falls attraction.

The YS River is the main tributary of the great Black River, the longest navigable river in Jamaica.

Activities at YS Falls Jamaica

YS Falls is one of those places you could spend all day exploring. Actually it would be the perfect place to have a picnic providing the weather holds up. There are manicured lawns and tables where you can have meals.

There are numerous attractions at YS Falls. The main attraction is the waterfalls; however, you can go bird watching, tubing or zip lining.

You can also simply enjoy the natural gardens surrounding you. There is also a play area for children and two natural spring pools that are appropriate for children.


As we mentioned before YS Falls is a seven tiered water fall. Unlike Dunns River Falls you cannot climb YS Falls. However, there are a series of stairs that run beside the falls and you can climb from one tier to the other.

You can swim in the natural pools of each waterfalls or utilize the various rope swings in the attraction.

YS falls Zipline Jamaica

This tour is operated by Chukka Tours. These canopy tours allow you to see the tropical forest at roof top level. You will swing between platforms high in the trees. There are five ziplines in total.

The zipline starts at the top of the waterfalls. You will travel around 1,000 feet via zipline. This zipline runs about 40 feet over the top of the waterfalls and it’s a great way to get a Birdseye view of the waterfalls.


River Tubing allows you to float down gentle rapids of YS river on a 25 minute tube ride. This is dependent on river conditions, whether low or high.

Animal and Plant life

YS Falls is more than just a majestic waterfall. The lush attraction grounds are home to a microcosm of plant and animal life hidden within this tropical forest.

Jamaica has one of the highest rates of biodiversity in the world with over 3,000 varieties of flowering plants and 200 species of birds, many of these found nowhere else in the world.

As you hike up the waterfalls see if you can glimpse some of these hidden treasures. There is a really interesting sign board at the bottom of the falls that gives you an overview of what you can see.

Children’s Play Area

With a variety of slides, swings and fun activities for children from ages 2-8 years old.

YS Trading Post

Is stocked with local crafts and souvenir items. There is also a bar and snack counter.

Other Attractions in St. Elizabeth Jamaica

YS Falls is around 1 hour from Negril and 2 hours from Montego Bay. Most tourists that visit YS Falls also visit the Appleton Rum Tour in the nearby Nassau valley and the Black River Safari tour.

Most YS falls tours include Black River Safari and the Appleton Rum tour.

Pelican Bar is also located in this area. However, we feel that there is so much to do at YS falls that you could spend the whole day there.

Where is YS Falls in Jamaica, How do I get there?

YS Falls is located in the southern part of Jamaica in the parish of St. Elizabeth. If you are traveling from Montego Bay. Go on the main road to Negril.

Turn at the stoplight on the road to Reading. Once you are at Montpelier turn on the road to Cambridge. Keep left and continue onto the road that says Ginger Hill/ YS.

If you are coming from Negril go on the road to Savanna la mar. Stay on the main road you will pass through the areas of Whitehouse and Black River and Baptist. The turning for YS Falls is just before Holland Bamboo.

Tips for Visiting YS Falls

  • Get there early to avoid the tour bus crowds
  • Bring water shoes. The rocks can be slippery
  • Bring a picnic basket. It’s a great place to spend the day
  • Rainy months are in May and October. If the river is in spate you cannot swim
  • Guides available to take pictures
  • There are steps that run beside the falls if you don’t want to swim
  • Bring mosquito repellent. Area is damp so expect to see mosquitos
  • Bring Cash (for tips, food etc)
  • Swimwear is a must

YS Falls Jamaica Prices

YS Falls Price (Waterfalls) – Adults $17 US, Children (3 to 13 years old)$8.50 US, Locals $1,000 Jamaican
YS Falls Price (Zipline) – Adults $50 US, Children $35 US, Locals $2,400 Jamaican

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