Ricks Cafe in Negril Jamaica (Cliff Diving In Jamaica)

If you want to experience cliff diving in Jamaica the best place to go is Rick’s Café Negril, Jamaica. It is also a fun place to sit and people watch.

The highlight of your visit will be the beautiful sunsets, don’t forget to take your camera to capture your memories.

Ricks café Jamaica has been rated as one of the best bars in the world and should be on your bucket list of things to do in Jamaica.

Try and get there early to reserve your spot. The bar tends to get crowded near sunset. Keep in mind the upstairs rooms are only available if you order food.

Ricks Café is located on a cliff on the west end of Negril. It was opened in 1974 by Richard Hershman when Negril was just a sleepy fishing village. Ricks Café has been destroyed by two hurricanes but it has come back stronger every time.

Cliff Jumping In Jamaica

Other than the beautiful sunsets, the other main attraction is the cliff diving at Ricks Cafe. You can watch some brave souls dive or if you are feeling brave why not give it a try.

There is also diving from the trees above the cliffs but that is best left to the professional local divers.


These divers dive from the trees above. The distance is around 60 – 85 feet over the cliffs. These divers earn their living from diving so please leave a tip.

Think of it this way the Jamaican divers are creating beautiful memories of your vacation in Jamaica.

Ricks Café Cliff Height

For those brave souls out there interested in cliff diving or cliff jumping the height of the cliffs range from 8 feet to 40 feet, there is also a 27 feet option.

If you decide to jump it would probably be best to start at the lower level and then try a higher level.

We recommend that you leave the diving to the professionals. Please be careful when diving or jumping the nearest hospital is 90 minutes away.

Ricks Café Negril Restaurant and Bar Information

Ricks café is geared towards tourist so you are going to be paying tourist prices. The food here was okay.

We spoke to some other travellers and they were not very impressed. The drinks are a bit pricey. It was around US $5 for a beer.

If you are interested in ordering food you can have a look at Ricks Café Jamaica Menu here.

Ricks Café Jamaica Sunset

The views at sunset or breath-taking so please remember to bring your camera. There is also a live band after sunset so stick around and have some fun.

Ricks Café Jamaica Excursions

If you are in the Negril area you can take a local cab. Most hotels are around 5 or 10 minutes away. If you are in Montego Bay you can take a tour bus.

Another great way to get to Ricks is to take a Catamaran Cruise there. Rays Watersports offers Catamaran cruises to Ricks Café.

Tips for Traveling to Ricks Café Jamaica

  • Bring a swimsuit if you decide to be brave and go cliff diving.
  • Bring a camera.
  • Bring a change of clothes.
  • Keep a look out, if you are lucky you might see Dolphins in the ocean.
  • Get a Ricks Café souvenir shirt. Its US $30.
  • Try to get there early if you plan to dive. Sunset in Jamaica is around 6:00 pm depending on the time of year. In the summer sunset will be later on in the day, in the Winter sunset will be a bit earlier.
  • Bring cash so you can tip the Jamaican divers.

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