Green Grotto Caves Jamaica

A Tour of Green Grotto Caves Jamaica will take you on a journey of Jamaica’s history. The caves were first used by the Tainos (Arawaks), the first inhabitants of Jamaica.

Green Grotto Caves
Remnants of pottery and other artifacts were found in the cave. During slavery, the caves were used as a hideout for runaway slaves.

In the 17th century during the period of the takeover by the English, the Spaniards used the caves to hide from the English.

In the 20th century, it was used by smugglers running arms to Cuba. During the Second World War, the caves were used as a storeroom for rum.

More recently parts of the cave were used as a nightclub. Today it is one of Jamaica’s premier tourist attractions.


Green Grotto caves are approximately 1,500 meters long and 12 meters deep. There is a grotto lake at the bottom. The first part of the tour will take you into the Runaway Caves.

Inside of Green Grotto Caves

Here you will learn about the history of the caves. You will then exit this section and enter the Grotto section of your tour.

Here you will be taken to the underground lake or Grotto. Be prepared for walking you will have to descend quite a few steps. On the last part of the tour don’t forget to make your wish in the wishing well.


The tour is located around 40 minutes from Ocho Rios. If you are staying at the Gran Bahia hotel it is a 10-minute drive. Green Grotto cave is approximately 15 minutes from Discovery Bay and Runaway Bay.

If you are planning trips to Glistening water or Dunns River you can add this tour since it only takes 45 minutes. If you are hungry the Ultimate Jerk Center is right across the road.


1. Stalactites are formed when rainwater touches the limestone. This forms carbonic acid. The carbonic acid melts the limestone. When the water evaporates it leaves a deposit which hardens to form stalactites.

2. Stalagmites are rock formations that start on the ground. When water drips from the stalactites it melts the limestone and forms carbonic acid. When the water evaporates it leaves a deposit that hardens.

3. A Grotto is a cave that has an underground river. The Green Grotto Caves has a lake that is 19 feet in depth. When the guide shines the flashlight on the roof of the cave the reflection will show you how deep the lake really is.

4. The area around the Green Grotto was once underwater. When you exit the Runaway Caves section, the rocks by the exit are actually old coral.

5. Fig tree roots will grow up to a mile underground to get to a water source. Some of the roots are visible in Green Grotto Cave.

6. Fruit-Eating Bats are the larger bats seen in the Green Grotto Cave.

7. Mosquito Bats are one of the smaller bats. These bats can eat more than a 1,000 insects a night including mosquitos.

8. A part of the James Bond film Live and Let Die was filmed here.

9. You’ve never experienced true darkness until you have experienced darkness in a cave.

10. Bats use echolocation to avoid obstacles and to find their way in the dark

Inside of Cave


  •  Tour duration – 45 minutes
  •  You can combine the Green Grotto tour with another tour since it is such a short tour.
  •  You have to descend quite a few steps, where comfortable shoes
  •  There is a gift shop on premises – You can find reggae shirts, wooden jewelry, and a few children clothing.
  •  The Ultimate Jerk Center Restaurant is located right across the road. If you decide to walk. Keep in mind you are crossing a highway. Be careful when crossing.
  •  Distance from Falmouth cruise pier to Green Grotto Cave – 30 minutes
  •  Distance from Ocho Rios and Ocho Rios Cruise Ship Port – 40 minutes
  •  Distance from Runaway Bay or Discovery Bay – Approximately 15 minutes
  •  Web:
  •  Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (876) 973-2841/ (876) 973-3217
  • Address: Discovery Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica
  •  Opening Hours: Mon – Sun:
    9:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Price: Adults US $20, Children 4 – 12 years US $1
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