Best places to visit in Jamaica: Top 10

We are frequently asked what are the best places to visit in Jamaica. Because there are so many Jamaican tourist attractions, it’s hard to narrow it down to ten.

We have tried to avoid the usual tourist traps and included non-touristy locations. So without much ado here are our favourite spots in Jamaica.

1. Blue Hole

A sky blue swimming hole all to yourself 

Blue Hole Jamaica - Best places to visit in Jamaica
The Blue Hole is a swimming hole and waterfall attraction located in the Hills of Jamaica around 20 minutes from Ocho Rios. Just imagine a sky blue swimming hole, cliffs you can jump off of and a breathtakingly beautiful waterfall.

This attraction allows you to avoid the crowds of Dunns River falls and be at one with nature. There are a few bamboo benches dotted throughout the attraction.

If you are feeling lazy the bamboo benches are great places to sit and enjoy the view. Rated by Tripadvisor as the best place to visit in Ocho Rios.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest town: 20 minutes from Ocho Rios
More information: Blue Hole Jamaica

2. Ahhh… Ras Natango Gardens & Art Gallery

With the gorgeous views of Montego Bay, the Inner artist in you will be unleashed 

Ahhh....Ras Natango Gallery and Garden - Best places to visit in Jamaica
You can tell this attraction was created by an artist. Who else could create such a beautiful garden on a hillside dotted with limestone.

Get ready to learn about the Fauna and Flora of Jamaica. Get away from the tourist traps and experience a side of Jamaica that few do.

An added bonus is there is an art gallery on the premises so you can buy some authentic Jamaican Souvenirs for your loved ones.

Another plus is you will enjoy true Jamaican hospitality. At Ahhh….Ras Natango you won’t want to leave, basically you will feel like you have spent the day with some old friends.

Rated by Tripadvisor as the best place to shop in Montego Bay.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 20 minutes from Montego Bay
Cost of Tour – US $20

3. Zimbali Mountain Cooking Studio, Near Negril

The ride through the cane farm to get there! 

Zimbali Mountain Cooking Studio

When we first visited Zimbali we kept on phoning the owner and asking him if we were on the right road.

We were positive we had made a wrong turn somewhere. You will drive through a sugar cane farm on a marl road to get there. We were glad we persevered.

Zimbali is an oasis in the hills of Westmoreland, Jamaica. This farm to table experience should be on your bucket list of things to do in Jamaica.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 40 minutes from Negril

4. Floyds Pelican Bar

Did you know the bar is in the middle of the sea. If you are lucky you might see Dolphins swimming by on your way there! 

Floyds Pelican Bar

There are not many bars located in the middle of the sea. Pelican bar is a rum shack located around 1.5 kilometers off the Southern coast of Jamaica.

It is run by Denver Forbes, known by everybody as Floyds. Pelican bar is the perfect place to spend the day chilling and snorkeling.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 1 hour from Negril
Cost of Tour – From Treasure Beach – $40 per a person, From Black River – $10 per a person
More information – More about Floyds Pelican Bar.

5. Rafting on the Rio Grande River

Imagine rafting through a beautiful rainforest with a loved one. 

Rafting on the Rio Grande
The Rio Grande River is located in Portland. Portland is the most beautiful area of Jamaica and well worth the visit.

It’s a lush tropical rainforest leading down to the Caribbean Sea, with the foothills of the Blue Mountains in the background.

Bamboo rafts were originally used to transport bananas from the plantations in the interior to the coast via the Rio Grande River.

Nowadays, Bamboo rafts are used to transport people down the Rio Grande River through the Rio Grande Valley.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 30 minute from Port Antonio

6. YS Falls

A gorgeous seven tiered water fall, did we mention you could go zip lining over the waterfalls 

YS Falls

This waterfall is located in the Southern part of Jamaica. Imagine a seven tiered breath-taking series of waterfalls. There is a natural spring pool nearby. For the daredevils out there, you can go zip lining over the waterfalls

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 1 hour from Negril, 1 ½ hours from Montego Bay
Cost of Tour – Adults – US $17, Children (3- 13 years old) – $8.50
Cost of Zip lining – Adults US $50, Children: US $35.00
Note: It is closed on Mondays and Public Holidays
More information – YS Falls Jamaica

7. Silver Sands, Laughing Waters & Frenchmans Cove Beach

Have you been spending your days dreaming of beautiful White Sand Beaches?

I think all of us have an inner beach bum hiding in us, just waiting to escape. Our three favourite beaches in Jamaica are Silver Sands, Laughing Waters, and Frenchmans Cove.

Silver Sands

Silver Sands Jamaica

Silver Sands Beach is located in Duncans, Trelawny. It is halfway between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios.

If you are coming in on a cruise ship in Falmouth, Silver Sands Beach is nearby.  You can access this beach by purchasing a day pass.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 20 minutes from Falmouth, 1 hour from Ocho Rios, 1 hour from Montego Bay

Laughing Waters Beach

Laughing Waters

Laughing waters is located on the outskirts of Ocho Rios. Imagine a beach with a beautiful waterfall emptying into the sea.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – ½ Hour from Ocho Rios

Frenchmans Cove Beach

Frenchmans Cove

Frenchmans Cove Beach is located in Port Antonio. It’s a cove so the beach is fairly small. However, the river that runs into the sea makes this beach unique.

Because of the river, the sea can be a bit chilly at times. However, if you go on a sunny day you will be fine.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 1 hour from Negril, 1 ½ hours from Montego Bay

8. Strawberry Hill for Brunch

Great views, Great Food, You will not want to leave! 

Strawberry Hill Hotel

Strawberry Hill Hotel is located in the foothills of the Blue Mountains, which is the home of our famous Blue Mountain Coffee.

The hotel is located on a hill so you have a 360-degree view of the city of Kingston and the Blue Mountains and New Castle army camp in the background.

Sunday brunch here gives you the opportunity to lounge around all day surrounded by gorgeous views. Since you are 3,100 feet about sea level it might get a bit chilly, so don’t forget to bring a jacket.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 40 minutes from Kingston
Phone Number for Reservations – 876-619-7872
Brunch – Available from 12:00 am – 3:00 pm
Price – US $45 per a person
More information – Strawberry Hill Hotel

9. Mayfield Falls

Your very own river tour! 

Mayfield Falls Jamaica
One of the benefits of visiting Mayfield falls is the drive there. Depending on which direction you are coming from you will have mountain scenery or you will be driving through farmlands.

Both drives give you the opportunity to experience the beautiful Jamaican countryside. Once there you will experience a one of a kind river tour.

Relevant Information
Distance from Nearest Town – 1 hour from Negril, 1 ½ hours from Montego Bay
More information – Mayfield Falls Jamaica

10. Turtle Watching

Witness the wonders of nature 

Turtle Watching
Few people are lucky to encounter turtles in the wild. Why not help protect these endangered sea turtles by assisting experts.

Nesting sites are found near Ocho Rios on the north coast. There are also conservation projects in Bluefields, Westmoreland, and Winnifred Beach in Portland. Nesting occurs from May to December each year.

Relevant Information
More Information – Contact Jamaica Inn Hotel, Goldeneye Hotel or the Jamaica Environment Trust

If you would like to view a comprehensive list of all the places to visit in Jamaica. Visit our blog post onTourist Attractions in Jamaica .

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